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“If you work hard enough... you will make it”

Several months ago at the blind auditions in L.A., on an episode of The Voice Season 6, all was quiet on the set as teenager Bria Kelly stands- with guitar in hand- to audition.  Within the first few bars of music, she belches one word: “Welllllll!” and automatically, Blake and Adam’s chair turn instantly.  Not far behind were Shakira and Usher getting set to vie for the opportunity to coach Miss Kelly.  At only 17 years old, her rendition of “Steamroller Blues” wowed the judges as well as the audience and onlookers from all around the world.  Bria Kelly got to the brink of being in the Top 10 finalists when her time on the show abruptly ended. But anyone could tell that Miss Kelly’s career was just beginning.

At only 17 years old, Bria Kelly had left her home in Smithfield, Virginia and set out to accomplishwhat most of America considers a dream. At just 18 years of age Bria has her own band, has​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ performed the National Anthem on several occasions and has touched the hearts of many through her performances on two of the most well-known reality television series on the NBC television network. Now, months after that audition, Bria is here in our studio sharing candidly about her time on The Voice, America’s Got Talent and what’s on the horizon for “The Bria Kelly Band”.  When asked about the inspiration for her choice of song, she explained that she has been singing the song since the age of 11.  “People really responded to the song, so I was encouraged to do it more often.  Then, I kind of like dived into songs by Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy and- my favorite artist right now is- ZZ Ward.  It’s like a modern feel on an old school sound.”


Bria developed a beautiful working relationship with Usher on the show, and the things that she learned from him, she shares that she has applied those things to all parts of her life.  “It’s helped me to… not be so guarded. And it’s huge because he kinda taught me to become more vulnerable and show that it’s okay to make mistakes. At first, I would get mad at myself but I realized that I’m human and everyone does that.”  Bria wasn’t ashamed to admit that oftentimes she was her own worst critic during the show.  And we both agreed that in those raw moments where you think you’ve done badly; the audience really can surprise you and respond well to your sound; which is what happened her time and time again.  Her experience on The Voice was a good one and she also made a few friends along the way. Although fellow-contestants Tess Boyer and Christina Grimmie are busy in their own careers, Bria stated that she is still looking forward to hanging out with them. “We are still close to this day and we’ve talked about getting together at some point.  Christina is gonna be super, super busy because she was in the Top 3 and she was also signed by Adam, but definitely we will try to see each other, yeah!  Tess and I will try to get together soon, but we are gonna try to have a reunion, of course.”





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