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Natalia Illyschn

How far can women go in media related fields such as radio? In 2014, it is becoming com- monplace for women to work in a male dominated field. However, women still face inequality and barriers when it comes to working in these positions. According to a report issued by the International Women's Media Journal, "Women in every region of the world still face many barriers -- whether it is lower salaries than their male counterparts or lack of access to decision-making jobs in media." The question proposed to one of our favorite local media personalities, "Is there a glass ceiling in media related fields, such as TV and Radio?" and here is her response.


Meet Natalia Ilchyschyn, she is a Radio Personal- ity, mother, wife, and Assistant Program Di- rector with WNVZ 104.5 also known as Z104. She is a beautiful and spicy Ukrainian woman with much energy and drive. A native of Reston, Virginia, born and raised-parents is Ukrainian, and she is the older of two children. She has been married for almost five years to her husband Joe, which she describes as her rock and best friend.  He is a Norfolk Fire Fighter who has served in this position for over 17 years. In addition, she is the proud mother of two beautiful boys, Joseph 2.5 years old and Roman, 1.5 years old.

Natalia is proud of her family's story because it taught her how to work hard to what she wants in life. Natalie states, "It was my family's history and Ukrainian upbringing that showed me that I could achieve anything I want; I just have to be willing to go for it." Natalia says both her grandparents, along with her father at the age of eight came to the United States with only one suitcase and barely any money, and they made it work. They built a life for themselves and showed their children how to do it, as well.

Natalia is a graduate of Christopher Newport University with a degree in Communication and a minor in Religious Studies. She has always known; she wanted to do something in media, and she finally got her chance. In her final year of college, she was able to secure an internship at the radio station Z104, and she fell in love with radio. After graduation, she worked weekends, overnights, and fill-in-shifts, whatever it took to prove that she needed to be at the radio station full-time. Natalia states, "I knew my chance would come, I just had to be patient. It paid off, eventually, an evening job from (7pm-12am) opened up on the sister station 94.9 The Point and anointed as "Natti at Night" for two years." Afterward, the mid-day position opened up on Z104, and she has held this position for almost seven years.





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