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1st Annual NFDC

     My name is Willie Hall a professional fashion designer based in New Jersey and New York area. I first started my career as a fashion designer at the age of 18years old, I attended the Piscataway Vocational Technical High school, graduation June 12, 1981 with a diploma in Fashion Design, After leaving high school I decided to inter in college presuming a degree in nursing, my lifelong dream as a seven year old, passionate towards the sick, after leaving college I attended the Bryman School, for Medical Assistants, graduation in 1984, while working for over 20 years in the medical field , I continue to sew prom gowns and other garments for young ladies in my community, as well for the churches in my surrounding area, children wear was my specialty as well. I also love to reupholster furniture as a hobby, crochet and knit.

After so many years working as a medical assistant I decided to enroll in school one more time to bark upon my second talent as a fashion designer, school was the best option, to get acquainted with what was going on in the industry, because this was going to be a full time job for me, In 2003 I enter The Art Institute of New City, what an amazing ride being a student at the age of forty, “It’s never too late to enter school” no matter what age you are.

I wall well equipped for the journey as a student, I became the lead Fashion Design Mentor for the younger students, being on the Dean List, Honor Roll, Prefect Attendance and many more, this helped me well as the students I’ve mentored.

March 2006 I graduated with a 4.0 and from there my career had taken off, I tilt my hat off to my first teachers my parents William and Jeannie Hall, and my grandmother with the paper dolls, and doll clothes by hand.

As a designer I had the pleasure of working with the late Andre Van Pier designer to the stars, we worked on number of projects submitting for designs for Barbara Bush, garments for Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Nix and others, I’ve learned so much from him, but in return he said he learned so much from me, what an honor it was for 3 years, we were in the middle of redressing the KING OF POP Michael Jackson when Andrea passed away.

I have been featured in numerous magazines and Newspapers that includes: New York Post, Heart& Soul, Sheen, Jet Magazine, Fashion Ave News I-fashion, Maryland Sun, Pittsburg , Graces Today, (Our  First Afro American President on the Cover), Versus out of Virginia, Virginia Pilot ( Headline News along with Jeanette Dabney Cooke), DAMM,

For over 20 seasons I had the pleasure of working alongside Fern Malis , Mercedes Fashion Week at Bryant Park and Lincoln Center, and also behind the scenes with Tim Gunn during Project Runway seasons one and two.

Courtesy of BTE-TV ( Sofia Davis awarded me with designer of the year 2009, Heartland Model Agency  awarded me designer of the year 2013 (Jorge Jurgennson)

Working alongside Ron Cooke as a partner for Rogues Gallery Presents (RGP) for several years, we have had some amazing platforms for up and coming designers as well as emerging designers during New York Fashion Week, VA Fashion Week, and  also Miami, this allowed us to help these designers to get a platform to show the unique creation for the industry , to help them expose their talent to the world.

I also have the Willie hall Foundation and my foundation was created so that I’m able to give back to my community as well and families with disable children, 

In my walk as a designer so many doors has open for me so that I’m able to give back, GOD bless us so that we can do just that, It’s not about me , it’s who coming after me. I appreciate my God given Talent more and more each day.

I had the pleasure of dressing the award Grammy winner Melba Moore for her come back, also American Top Models , Anchal Joseph, Angelea, Alexius Diana and many more

And yet Jeanette Dabney-Cooke the face of my brand Willie Hall, my muse for life Designers Aren’t Made Their Born


Photographs courtesy of Willie Hall


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