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About ACHI Magazine NFDC

The ACHI Magazine NFDC (National Fashion Designer Competition) is an annual event held in the city of Virginia Beach. This is the first year that the event will be held. Designers from across the country have applied to be apart of this years competition. The event will be televised on MyTVZ. MyTVZ viewership extends to Richmond, VA, Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina. All proceeds received will benefit Women Supporting Women Association, Inc.


About ACHI Magazine

ACHI defined as “strength in sisterhood” is an online fashion and lifestyle publication for women. Focused on women's interest, ACHI Magazine aims to provide style and encouragement to women of all races and cultures across the globe. Founded in September 2013, ACHI delivers four quarterly issues throughout the year. ACHI’s content is designed for the personal growth and empowerment of its female readership. ACHI Magazine is affiliated with WSWA, Inc.


About Women Supporting Women Assoc., Inc.

Women Supporting Women Association, Inc is a new non-profit organization based in Chesapeake, VA. The charity was created to increase entrepreneurship amongst minority women in poverty-stricken areas by providing access to information and resources. As a new charity, the organization is in dier need of working capital. To overcome this obstacle, WSWA, Inc. has partnered with ACHI Magazine to raise funds through the ACHI Magazine NFDC. All proceeds from the ACHI Magazine NFDC 2015 will be used to launch the WSWA charity. ACHI Magazine will also provide a platform to introduce WSWA, Inc. to the community.

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