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By Tunisia Lewis, photographed by NeizhaB



You have probably heard of most of the things that she has done. Journalist, Wife, Mother, Caretaker and a Business Woman, to boot! April Woodard has seen her fair share of trials and triumphs! Her resume’ boasts a career in Journalism with Insider Edition, CBS, BET and a host of other shows.  Her experiences on a personal note, stemming from childhood is extensive.  She continues to meet every challenge that comes into her life with a smile.


In this interview, April shares candidly with ACHI about her personal life and her current business ventures. After hearing about the many personal challenges she has faced, I am inspired by the countless times she has risen above adversity and continues to make positive contributions to the world around her.


…On Inside Edition…


Having been a part of the CBS Television Program Inside Edition for 13 years [off and on], April recently returned to the show this summer after a small hiatus.  There was a period where she worked freelance for both, the CBS show and BET as well. She enjoys her work with the show and is on call at all times to do her part as correspondent for the top 10 ranking syndicated program. 

‘Inside’ the journey of...

“Still, I Rise…”


April’s experiences go well beyond the norm for most journalists.  Her time of freelancing as a social media/pop culture correspondent afforded her the chance and opportunity to sit next to a wide array of real pioneers.  She has interviewed some of the most historical beings  of our time such as President Barack Obama.  Of her conversation with the President, April says, “I was just so proud as an African American woman… to be interviewing him!” She interviewed our very own FLOTUS, First Lady Michelle Obama as well.  


Another pivotal moment for her was her interview with Joan Rivers just weeks before her passing. When asked to share a story that was very personal and dear to her heart, April didn’t hesitate to mention the interview with the late Maya Angelou. “When I interviewed Dr. Maya Angelou, I was at a pretty rough time in my life, so I began reading a lot of her poetry for inspiration. I was reading ‘Still, I Rise’ which spoke loudly to me because I was struggling.  Dr. Angelou recited the poem to me from top to bottom, and I was in tears. As she spoke I felt like a baby being coddled.” 


…On her business and ministry, Favor Multimedia…


April serves as Leading Lady at Favor Nation Ministry in Chesapeake, VA with Pastor and husband Adrian S. Woodard.  Together, they began a production company by the name of Favor Multimedia in 2000, which includes consulting (politicians and professional athletes).  Her husband comes from branding, so his area of expertise is branding for celebrities.  They brought their two worlds together [with Multimedia].  April being both behind and in front of the camera and her husband Adrian behind the scenes with branding and strategy.  With their company, they have had the opportunity to work with clients on an international level.  In fact, their first client was a gentleman who owned a television station in Benin, Africa.  As per April, "we met on a plane…and he asked me to do an interview with the Head of the United Nations at the time.  The production was seen in both Africa and France.” Regarding her clientele, she shares that clients come about through word-of-mouth, and she only takes those that fit what they are already doing.  “We have made a commitment to focus on Favor Nation [ministry] right now.  Along with caring for my parents, it all has to fit in.” April shares. 





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